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There are different essay companies! But in our rating you will find the best!

Inexperienced students who search the Internet for essay companies often end up becoming victims of the many sham companies that have invaded the Internet. This is because they cannot tell the difference between authentic and unauthentic essay companies. Often, they believe the superficial adverts that these sham companies put up promising quality services but their intention is to earn quick cash. In the end, students are sent products that are loaded with errors and whose content has been duplicated from other sources. This throws them into confusion, they get very disappointed and many give up on ever getting quality services from essay companies.

At, we are working towards changing this negative attitude that students have developed towards essay writing companies. The strategy that we use involves tapping into student reviews of essay services with the aim of facilitating learning amongst consumers of such services. By doing so, we are able to empower them to tell the difference between reputable services and those that are not reputable. We therefore rely on the customer reviews that students write after hiring essay writing services. With this feedback, we analyze and rate the companies performance based on the quality of services, pricing level, customer support and utility of end products. After computing their rating scores, we rank each company individually according to its performance.

With the ranking list and performance ratings in place, we include details about individual company offerings to craft comprehensive reports that students can find on this platform. Since we are always looking to publish reports that offer direction to students in terms of locating the best essay companies, we ask them to provide specific details in their reviews. Most importantly, we expect students to tell us something about company policies and the kind of guarantees that they offer customers. We also expect them to give information about the rights that those companies give customers like work review rights and progress update rights. Students are expected to include details about the credentials that writers in essay companies have, whether or not work samples and plagiarism scan reports were availed to them and comment on consistency of prices.

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When we rank essay writing companies based on their performance score, all we are doing is ensuring that students are able to spot them with ease. Our intention is not to make companies that get low scores feel humiliated. Besides, some of the companies that you see in our reports are yet to complete the entire review process though there are those which have completed. As an add-on, we provide more details about the most authentic companies in the videos below and we also include their website links for quick access.